2020 Closing Statements

Wow. You all are amazing. We weren’t expecting more than maybe 100 people in the discord this year but we hit 208 (most at one time) with just under 250 total joins on the server. We wanted to bring some positivity to a very terrifying thing we’re all dealing with globally and even if our event is small, we think it was successful. Seeing you all having fun and hearing from some of you that this helped uplift your spirits and was a time to remember, is what we strive for.

This was our first year livestreaming with such complexity. Usually, we have one setup from the hotel but this year we had multiple setups in different locations all working in conjunction to make things work. A big thank you to PonyFest for lending us some of their equipment to make it happen, and to our stream team who, from completely different locations, kept us running!

Thank you to everyone who bought merch or supported us with a membership purchase this year as it helps us continue into the future!

This was also our first year with a public discord server. It was really cool to see everyone playing games, chatting, hanging out in VR, watching the stream, etc! Our plan is to keep the server up but in a limited capacity so stay tuned. A huge thank you to all our staff because without them, we wouldn’t have been able to pull this off. It’s because of their hard work that Howl happens. The teams got really jumbled this year to adapt but everyone did a wonderful job! We appreciate every single one of you AND every single person who has offered to help but we couldn’t find a place for. Please offer again in the future!

Our Panelists, DJs, Vendors, etc put on a lot of wonderful content for the event and we cannot thank them enough for coping with the challenge that is virtual streamed events. Please check out the website/schedule and follow them! Some vendors even still have commissions open.

Thank you all!

What is Howloween?

Howloween is an annual event that invades the hallows of the Metro Vancouver area every Halloween time, catering to furries and friends who appreciate a great time with a spooky twist! The event started as a Halloween party in a basement over a decade ago and has been hosted by multiple venues(and hosts), but with one common thread: A Frightfully Furry Party!

Much more than just a party and often called a mini furry convention, Howloween features a full day or more of spooky furry fun, including a dance hosted by talented DJs, fursuit games, events, art games, game shows, lots of hangout space, and general spooky fun. Many have called Howloween their first furry event and people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds are welcome. Any kind of public-friendly costumes are encouraged, but street clothes are perfectly fine, too. The only requirement is an open mind and a desire for a good time!


PLEASE NOTE: You MUST make a new account if you haven’t already. Your log in to other conventions that run Convention Master will NOT work as they all have their own separate credentials. Trying to log in too many times will result in a temporary IP block. Try again later! If you have continuous issues, please contact Registration

We planned to lose money this year regardless of what happened, due to Covid-19, so the event is free, however if you want to help support the event, there are paid tiers, some with swag!

Swag will be mailed AFTER the event!

Infected (Regular Reg) $0
General Entry

Will-o’-the-wisp (Donation, No Swag) $10
General Entry and good feels for supporting the event

Spirit (Reg & Swag) $30
General Entry
Mailed Physical Badge

Ghost (Spirit Sponsor) $50
Physical Badge
Multi-year Lanyard
Postcard Print

Poltergeist (Spirit Patron) $100
Physical Badge
Multi-year Lanyard
Postcard Print
Chainsaw Bunny Fabric Mask
Window Cling/Decal

*Registration accepts Paypal/Credit Card
*”Spirit” badges are mailed products, not physical access to the event space. (You are there “in spirit”, and supporting the event.)

Registration is only required if you want to buy a reg tier with swag!

Under 16? Please be aware that this years event is held on Discord and they have rules on how old you must be to join, based on your country. Please make sure you are in compliance! Minors are also required to be registered in our registration system with proper parental contacts on the account.

(Art by KingKitsune)

Where is Howloween?

For 2020, Howloween is a VIRTUAL EVENT! We do not have an in person attendee event and our virtual space will be on Discord!

View Main Events Livestream View Vendor/Artist Multi-stream


Howloween is run entirely by volunteers and we’re always on the lookout for folks interested in helping.

Please note that while most jobs are remote this year, we ARE streaming directly from our hotel space since we’ve got the space anyways. This means that some jobs will be in-person but they are limited. We will be adhering to strict limitations on how many will be present, physical distancing, sanitation, etc., to keep the space safe. The hotel also has strict measures in place as well. So please be aware of this!

Staff applications for 2020 are now closed. Stay tuned to our social media for links for 2021.

(Art by ViridianDenial)

Artist Alley



Edgar Kingmaker

Edgar Kingmaker





Razumi Yazura

Razumi Yazura

Sha Toukadoru

Sha Toukadoru





Temrin @ WildElement Studios

Temrin @ WildElement Studios

Vetrina Nicole Art

Vetrina Nicole Art


Applications closed Oct 31st, 11:59pm.
Banners/final confirmations will be due Nov 6th, 11:59pm


  • PRICE: FREE this year! Times are tough and we want you to make sales, not worry about table fees.
  • You must be present in our Discord server! You will have a channel there that you can post your sales and/or interact with attendees.
  • 10 vendor spots and will be event long spots instead of daily as with previous (in-person) years.
  • Vendors will have a listing on our website and discord with a banner and link to an external site where they will have their offerings (Etsy, Shopify, A general commission info page, etc.)
  • All content must be legal and artwork that will be displayed on the site and on our Discord must be SFW.
  • Vendors may sell NSFW content, however posting this content directly in our Event Space(s) will not be allowed. (Within the Discord: linking to pages with NSFW content is permitted as long as: the preview is removed, there is a content warning with the link AND the linked site requires a log in/has an age block to view it. This is non-negotiable.)
  • We will be focusing primarily on vendors that reside in Canada but those living outside of Canada are welcome to apply!

What you will need to apply:

  • You will need to Register for the event
    • This requires your legal name and contact information
  • Your Business name
  • Your discord username (ex: name#1234) so you can get the correct role(s)
  • A quick description of what you are selling
  • Your primary currency
  • A link to your store or page where folks can buy from you or contact you

We will also need to know:

  • If you want your Discord channel to be only for you to post in, or if you want to be able to chat/interact with attendees in your channel.
  • Whether you’d like to take part in our multi artist livestream setup on Picarto (streamed content must be SFW.)
  • We will need a listing banner image from you, 944x300px at 300DPI ASAP! This goes up on the site, the discord and will be cycled into our live streams during event breaks.


For 2020, Howloween is a VIRTUAL EVENT! We do not have an in person attendee event and our virtual space will be on Discord!

View Main Events Livestream

View Vendor/Artist Multi-stream


The default schedule and schedules shown on social media, in Discord in in stream are all in PST – Please note that if you are logged into google, using chrome, etc, the time zone in the calendar below may change. Bottom left of the calendar below will tell you.

Click on a schedule item to expand for more details!

DJ Lineup

8-9pm: ElectroKinetica (Drum & Bass)
9-10pm: Kodak (Tech House)
10-11pm: RoWdY RazzKatt (Da Funk)
11-12am: Avian Invasion (Progressive / Trance)
12-1am: JakeTiggy (Bass House)

8-9pm: Fennec Fvux (House / Electro)
9-10pm: Beekin (90’s/2000’s)
10-11pm: Oddy (Electro / Tech House)
11-12am: Recca (Electro / Progressive House)
12-1am: Cenny (Industrial / Min Techno)

Code of Conduct

Subject to change!

All attendees must adhere to these rules! The Howloween Event is a private function being held in a public hotel and all guests are expected to uphold a certain level of respect and courtesy in order to maintain their access to the event space. Event space access (including our Virtual Space) is a privilege, not a right. We ask that you do only things that others would find acceptable in any public setting. Use your common sense!

At the event holders’ discretion, guests may be denied entry to the event space with no chance of refund of event contributions for any failure to abide by the following requirements, as well as any additional requirements determined at the event holders’ discretion:

  • You are subject to our AUP when registering
  • Our Virtual Space(s) have rules and Terms and you must abide by them while in the space. They are in #rules-n-faq in our Discord.
    • Please note that Discord has age limitations for those using the service. Please make sure you are in compliance!
  • Unless you are an approved vendor in our Artist Alley, there is no selling or sharing sales posts in our Event Space(s).
  • No illegal content/substances are permitted in our Event Space(s).
  • Costumes and clothing must be acceptable for public viewing and should not be overly revealing or suggestive in nature, at the event holders’ discretion.
    • Minors are not allowed to share costume photo’s in our Virtual space for safety reasons.
  • Be considerate! Inappropriate conduct towards attendees, hotel guests or staff will result in immediate expulsion and possible ban from future events.
  • Any rude, obscene, discriminatory, or sexual behaviour in the event space(s) or public hotel areas will not be tolerated.
  • No outside alcohol is permitted in the event space.
    • Alcohol is only to be consumed by those guests 19 years of age or older. Purchase of alcohol for underage guests is not permitted and is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event with NO exceptions.
  • All hotel conduct requirements must be followed by all guests in that space, including any in conflict with the requirements listed here. Any actions taken by the hotel in response to a breach of hotel conduct will be supported by event staff and reflected by the event.
  • Room parties are not permitted AT ALL, for 2020.

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