November 2nd & 3rd 2018 – Metro Vancouver, Canada

What is Howloween?

Howloween is an annual event that invades the hallows of the Metro Vancouver area every Halloween time, catering to furries and friends who appreciate a great time with a spooky twist! The event started as a Halloween party in a basement over a decade ago and has been hosted by multiple venues(and hosts), but with one common thread: A Frightfully Furry Party!

Much more than just a party and often called a mini furry convention, Howloween features a full day or more of spooky furry fun, including a dance hosted by talented DJs, fursuit games, events, art games, game shows, lots of hangout space, and general spooky fun. Many have called Howloween their first furry event and people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds are welcome. Any kind of public-friendly costumes are encouraged, but street clothes are perfectly fine, too. The only requirement is an open mind and a desire for a good time!

Check out our Telegram Group and get our 15th anniversary Howloween Theme for the app in the pinned message!

Registration Prices

All prices are CASH ONLY and AT THE DOOR.

Event Registration: $30

Government photo ID required to register

Under 15 years of age? A parent/guardian is required to attend with you (they get a free badge) and must fill out our Minor Attendance form and have it when registering/picking up badges at the event.

T-shirt: $25
*Also available as a Polo ($30) and Hoodies ($40) with additional desogn options available for +$5!
Lanyard: $5
Keychains: $6 / 3 for $15
Hard Enamel Pins: $8 / 2 for $15
Posters (11×17″): $8 / 2 for $15
Hats: Snapback $30 / Flex Fit $35

(Tshirt Design by by Allosaurex)

(Chainsaw Bunny Tshirt/pin design, Keychains & Bunny Poster by Reika | Howloween logo pin & Werewolf Poster by Temrin | Lanyard art by  Scribblefox, Cricket/Dreamersdestiny Jessietwolf Temrin Apoxon Thea-, Sepiaa,  Rabbitasaur, Delightfullyodd Rhari Allosaurex)

Where is Howloween?

Executive Hotel and Conference Center
4201 Lougheed Hwy.
Burnaby, B.C. V5C 3Y6

Please do not book through other websites/agencies. You will compromise Howloween’s ability to continue as an event if you book outside of our room block. Please view instructions below!

Reservation Information

Room block is open until 11:59 PM PST Oct 1st!

Please Note: Same as last year, room types are NOT guaranteed however all rooms will have 2 beds (1 may be a pull out.)

Room Rates & Details

  • $140/night – Up to quad(4) occupancy
  • Valid if you book Nov 2nd-4th. Booking outside those days may affect your price.
  • Hotel guests get free parking for 1 car. Extra cars or non-hotel guests will be $15 a day.
  • All rooms comes with a mini fridge, flat screen tv and wifi.
  • You can cancel up to 48 hours before your reservation if need be.

How to Book:

  • Make your reservation through [email protected] (preferred) or call toll free at (1)800-590-3932
  • MAKE SURE to use booking ID: 26012 or you will not get the event rates
  • You will be required to give a credit card number for your booking! If this is an issue, please contact [email protected]

Party Rooms

Please note that we don’t have a party block and it’s not guaranteed we can place you somewhere to be able to host a party room but we will try our best to place you in an area where you will have the least impact on other rooms. Book a room using the instructions above and then you MUST email [email protected] to request a party room. All rooms must still ensure that their noise levels are reasonable and your noise isn’t bleeding into the hallways.

Having issues reserving? Please email [email protected]

Please do not book through other websites/agencies. You will compromise Howloween’s ability to continue as an event if you book outside of our room block. Please view instructions above!

Event Amenities

Hotel Parking

NOTE: We are sharing the hotel space with other groups on Friday and as such, we are expecting a full parking lot until those groups leave later Friday evening. The hotel has organized with the (almost) next door Save-On-Foods to use their parking lot until 10PM Friday night. If you need to park there, make sure to move your car before 10pm or you’ll get towed/ticketed.

NOTE 2: Our previous option of the Staples parking lot is NO LONGER AVAILABLE as the City of Burnaby is doing construction on the back roads (Halifax and Douglas) during our event weekend. THIS ALSO MEANS THAT THE BACK ENTRANCE TO THE HOTEL WILL BE CLOSED.

HOTEL lot parking is free for ONE VEHICLE, for those with hotel rooms.

Non-hotel guest/extra vehicles:
$2.25 per hour (min 2 hours)
$8 for the daytime (6am-6pm)
$7 for the evening (6pm-6am)
$15 for 24 hours.
Purchase it from the front desk (Do not use the machines!)

Please take note of the signs in the front parking, as some of the parking is reserved for the nearby establishments and you may get towed. There is also some paid street parking on the streets behind the hotel.


Nearby Non-Convention Parking
*The convention nor the hotel is responsible for this parking lot, it’s information(or changes to it) or anything else and is only posted as a courtesy. Please check out WestPark‘s site for all info, how to pay, etc.

WestPark Lot 048

Lougheed Commerce Court, 4180-4190 Lougheed Hwy

Operating Hours:
24 hours per day, 7 days per week
Pay-By-Phone Monthly, Daily, Hourly, Evening

1 Hour C$2.75 / 24 Hours C$16.00
Daytime C$12.75 (6am to 6pm)
Evening C$3.00 (In after 6pm Out by 6am)
Evening C$5.00 (In after 6pm Out by 8am)


Hotel Restaurant
Our hotel has a great restaurant in the lobby, Acqua, that includes a pub that serves mixed drinks and beer that you can take anywhere inside the hotel, including convention space!
Open Daily: Sunday – Tuesday 11 am to 12 am / Wednesday – Sunday 11 am to 1 am
Happy Hour: 3 pm to 6 pm & 9 pm to close.


Event Space
Along with the usual 2 rooms (Registration/hangout and the Theater) we now have two smaller event spaces this year as well! Stay tuned for updates on what each room will be for!


Howloween is run entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for more helping hands for the event. Whether it be for the Art Team, Badge checkers, Registration, Load-in/Load-out, etc. If you are interested please fill out the following:

Staff Application

Under 15 years of age? A parent/guardian is required to attend and volunteer with you (they get a free badge) and must fill out our Minor Attendance form AND our Minor Volunteer form and have the first ready when registering/picking up badges at the event, the second when signing in to volunteer. (Volunteer sign in location coming soon.)

Staffing Needs

Registration: Part of a team working to register attendees for the event and sell event merchandise.

Security: A team that ensures that those entering event space are officially registered guests.

Logistics: Our load-in and load-out team, responsible for bringing all the gear to and from the event.

IT: Tech-savvy folks who can help setup equipment and other event infrastructure.

General Volunteers: Those who aren’t sure what they want to do or are happy to help with whatever our needs are at the time.

(Art by Reika)

1. Nomad Complex
2. XS Paws
3. Jenessa Dunn // Reika Miyuki (7-11pm)
4. Figeron Creations
5. Temrin (7-10pm)
6. Rhari (7pm-12am)
7. Waffle Wishes (7-11pm)
8A. Peppertomb Studios
9A. KuleDraws/OmoriKun
9B. Milksage (7-11pm)
10A/B Open for at con drop in’s

1. Nomad Complex
2. Hazel (11am-7pm)
3. Jenessa Dunn // Reika Miyuki (11am-5pm) | Waffle Wishes (5pm-11pm)
4. Figeron Creations
5. Temrin (11am-6pm) | 5A. CrescentScript (6-11pm) | 5B. Doki Pistol (6-11PM)
6. Rhari (12-8pm)
7. Flamiinghost (11am-7pm)
8A. Peppertomb Studios (11am-8pm)
8B. Stickysquidpaws (11am-11pm)
9A. Waffle Wishes (11am-2pm) | Einsley Yaudizz (2-5pm) | Pickles-Hyena (5pm-11pm)
9B. XS Paws
10A/B Open for at con drop in’s

Artist Alley

The Waitlist is OPEN!

  • Hours: Friday 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM & Saturday 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • *We may get Friday DAY but we won’t know until ~1 week prior to event if the space will be open to us. Stay tuned!*
  • Vendors setup time starts 1 hour before opening

Please Note: Vendors from outside of Canada should also make sure that they are in compliance with the requirements to sell their wares in Canada. (There are no temporary business license requirements to sell in BC.)

General Information:

  • Table Size:  6’ x 24” (3’x24” for the drop in half tables.) 1 table max, per vendor due to limited space.
  • Cost: $25 for Fri / $35 Sat ($15/$20 for drop in half tables.)
  • The event does not provide WiFi service. Hotel WiFi is not guaranteed, but likely.
  • Each vendor/seller MUST apply separately and pay their own fees. You may not assist another vendor and sell your own wares off their table, however you may apply separately, sign up for half tables and request to sit with one another. Those who sell without paying will be asked to leave.
  • Seating arrangement requests are not guaranteed but we will do our best.
  • People who apply before the event will get priority.
  • Please do not leave your wares unattended. We will not be held responsible if things go missing.
  • The vendors area is not in a secure location. Badged and non-badged customers will have access to your booth, including members of the public.
  • You will be required to take down your setup and take your belongings with you when you leave so plan accordingly.
  • Please inform the artist alley lead if you are leaving, or if you need to step away for a moment. If you leave your table for more than 30 mins without informing the lead, we will assume you have left, and will let a wait listed person know a table is open.
  • Electricity is not guaranteed but we will attempt to provide.
  • Be sure to read out Code of Conduct

What Can I Sell?

  • Please only sell content you are legally allowed to sell in BC, Canada. Pirated, copyright infringing works, etc may be requested by staff to be taken down. If this is not adhered to, we find repeat offenders or the offense is severe you may be asked to leave without refund.
  • Any material (premade or in the works) containing violent, gory and/or sexually explicit depictions must not be accessible to minors, including literature. Common practice is to keep them in a binder and check government issued photo ID of anyone wishing to look through it. Convention badges are not proof of age in any way! Adult content inside binders should still have explicit portions censored in some fashion.

How to reserve a table slot:

  • Fill out our form to reserve a table slot & receive priority. You will be eligible to be advertised on our site, social media and at the event. Your table location will be preassigned. Your table location will be preassigned however if you have needs, please put them in the application and we will do our best to accommodate.

You must pay for your attendance fee ($30) at registration at the event. Then pay your table fee at Shadow’s table (#4) during Artist Alley hours. ($25 for Fri / $35 Sat for full tables. $15/$20 for half.) – Cash only!

How to get a table at the event:

  • You must be registered for the event to claim a table.
  • Tables are ($25 for Sat / $35 Sun for full tables. $15/$20 for half.) – Cash only!
  • Drop-in signups are possible while there are available tables. Not all tables will be reserved!  Full and Half-tables will be available depending on demand.
  • A wait list will be available at Shadow’s table (#4) during her hours above or after hours at registration once all tables are full.
  • If there is an open table, bring the physical number sign from the table to Shadow’s table  (#4) during her hours above or after hours at registration.
  • You can pick your own hours, just please be sure to sign in and out at Shadow’s table (#4).  You will be required to pay the table fee each time you sign in! If reg closes before you leave, that is OK, you will be marked off as signed out automatically when they leave but you can stay at your table until the times listed.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]


*Subject to change


Event submissions are now closed. Interested in running a panel or some kind of event at Howloween? Stay tuned to our social media for announcements for when next years panel submissions open up!


Dance Competition

Our dance competition is a fun event for costumers to show us their dance moves! You must be costumed (full halloween costume, fursuit, partial fursuit) to participate.

Dance Comp Application



Be sure to check the schedule for photoshoot times! Location will be coming soon but don’t miss out on our awesome backdrop for our first photoshoot!

Code of Conduct

Subject to change

All attendees must adhere to these rules! The Howloween Event is a private function being held in a public hotel and all guests are expected to uphold a certain level of respect and courtesy in order to maintain their access to the event space. Event space access is a privilege, not a right. We ask that you do only things that others would find acceptable in any public setting. Use your common sense!

At the event holders’ discretion, guests may be denied entry to the event space with no chance of refund of event contributions for any failure to abide by the following requirements, as well as any additional requirements determined at the event holders’ discretion:

  • Are you wearing makeup/body paint/etc? Please be careful when interacting with your surroundings, including other costumers and fursuiters! Makeup and paint can stain other costumes, walls, tables/tablecloths, etc!
  • Unless you have purchased a table in our Artist Alley, There is NO exchanging of money or selling of -any- products in event space whatsoever!
  • No illegal substances of any kind are permitted in the event space or hotel proximity.
  • Costumes and clothing must be acceptable for public viewing and should not be overly revealing or suggestive in nature, at the event holders’ discretion.
  • Be considerate! Inappropriate conduct towards attendees, hotel guests or staff will result in immediate expulsion and possible ban from future events.
  • Any rude, obscene, discriminatory, or sexual behaviour in the event space or public hotel areas will not be tolerated.
  • No outside alcohol is permitted in the event space.
  • Alcohol is only to be consumed by those guests 19 years of age or older. Purchase of alcohol for underage guests is not permitted and is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event with NO exceptions.
  • All hotel conduct requirements must be followed by all guests, including any in conflict with the requirements listed here. Any actions taken by the hotel in response to a breach of hotel conduct will be supported by event staff and reflected by the event.
  • Room parties are not permitted unless coordinated with the event holders and/or hotel staff.

Contact Us

Email Chair Aphinity
Email Vice Chair Temrin
Email Volunteer Coordinator
Send in a Bug Report


Howloween is run entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for more helping hands for the event. Whether it be for the Art Team, Badge checkers, Registration, Load-in/Load-out, etc. If you are interested please fill out the following:

Staff Application