Thank you + Bowling

Thank you everyone!

Thank you everyone who made this wonderful event possible! Thank you to all who attended and/or supported Howloween. All of our volunteers, we couldn't have done this without you!

Bowling is happening today. Meeting at 1pm, starting at 2pm. $8! At Rev's Bowling Alley

DJ Line-up!

Thank you everyone who entered their sets!

This was a tough year for me as for the first time we had far more people apply than we had room to let play at Howl. (The most ever and almost twice as many as last year.)

The following list is of the DJs who will be playing at Howl this year. The choices were made on the aspects of Experience, Demo Mix, and to maximize a variety of genres and styles for the night.

For those not on the list, I hope you will all apply again for VancouFur and other cons, as we have much more room to fit more acts into the schedule. As howl is only one night of dances and we basically only have 4-5 slots, it's quite tough to give everyone a shot.

  1. DJ DigiPig - @DJ_Digipig - Demo
  2. Silvermink - @Silvermink - Demo
  3. Akonite - @DJAkonite - Demo
  4. OneLuv - @Pdawgydog - Demo
  5. Ember - @EmberFoxeh - Demo

Schedule with full times for the event will be out shortly. Thanks again! It was really fun listening to all the music in everyones demos!

Artist Submissions Closed!

Thank you everyone who submitted! :D

Thank you so much for all the wonderful art we have received! They are now up on the website (Check all the pages! :D ) and if any of the work gets used for promotional material i will be sending out emails to you. You guys are amazing!

Hotel Room Block Confirmed

+ Friday Bad Movie Night!

Our Hotel room block has been confirmed and you can now phone in and get your discounted rooms for both Nov 1st and 2nd!
Hotel event code: 16905
Please check out hotel page for more info!

Friday Night: Bad movie night! (Admission gets you in both days!)
Saturday: Games and events + Dance in the evening.
More info will be available on the schedule page shortly~

DJ Auditions Open!

Organizer: Akonite

It's that time again! DJ Auditions are open!

Traditionally the howl dances are shorter in length than typical Con dances, so DJ space is limited. If you would like to apply, please visit the BC FURRIES POST post a link to your set (45min to 1 hour in length).

DJs will be chosen based on skill and genre (we will ensure a balanced mix of Genres).
Deadline for submissions is October 10th.

Looking for Artists!

-For the website, fliers, tshirt, etc!

We are looking for themed artwork for this years Howloween! (DUE Oct 15th!) This might be used for the website, fliers, tshirt, badges etc! Please take a look at our Artist Page for mascot references and more information! If you are ready to submit, please submit your 2013 Howloween themed work to: SocialMedia[at]Howloween[dot]ca

Dates Confirmed!

Dont forget your tinfoil hats!

Dates have now been confirmed for Howloween 2013! The event will be hosted Nov 2nd. Come join in on the spooky fun!

Raffle Winners

WINNER for slot #1: 57 HoukaTheDragon (FA)

WINNER for slot #2: 24 Zildjainzone (FA)

WINNER for slot #3: 86 Darachi (FA)

Thank you to everyone who entered, watched, spread the word, etc! You are all wonderful and awesome! (Who knows. With such a turn out we might try more of these raffles in the future! No guarantees but its a thought!)

Howloween 2013 - Raffle

Get your character on our website and promotional material!

The turn out for this was insane! Thank you all for entering! We had over 90 entrants and that seriously blows my mind. Raffle Journal/Info